Five Rehabilitation Technique Training with Mian Foo [iShare doTERRA Collaboration Event]

Mian Foo has been in the industry that deals with flowers for the past 20 years; starting as a Florist and eventually moving on to become a well-known Decorator in Penang. Throughout his many years and experiences with flowers, the fragrance of flowers and the aroma of plant materials have always fascinated and attracted him. It was only natural that essential oils should draw him in like bee to honey! In 2016, he was fortunate enough to experience the beauty of DoTERRA products and has since remained captivated.

Mian Foo joined DoTERRA in May 2016 and within one month, he had achieved the rank of Silver. Gold was just as swiftly achieved 4 months later. He then became a Platinum Wellness Advocate within a year and now, he is the Founder of DoTERRA Malaysia. He is also a certified Essential Oil Therapist.

With this wealth of experience, Mian Foo is keen on sharing about the benefits of essential oils with the people around him. He is even more eager and driven to share this fabulous product as he has see all those who used essential oil experience tremendous improvement in their health. Their well being is his happiness and encouragement.
Thu Mar 15, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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Venue Address
2, Jalan Scotland, George Town Malaysia
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